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Yes, this was a great work around that perfectly solved my problem. Thanks very much ajlittoz.

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2019-06-23 10:49:36 +0100 asked a question what is the field code for chapter numbering

what is the field code for chapter numbering I want the automatic page numbering in my footer to show "Page 1 of 5" for

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2016-11-29 09:27:11 +0100 asked a question text cannot be deleted

I have a Master Doc with over 30 linked files. I recently linked a file that had a header. That header rode over the header I had for the Master Doc. I tried to delete that header, but ended up deleting all of my headers. But now I find a garbled image of this header embed on my Title page. The Title page has been set to have the Header turned off, so it should not be able to have anything in the Header. It is more like an image, a box in the upper left corner and the text in the box, "Job Hazard Analysis Policy" then a paragraph break, "Page (garbled number) of 8".

I cannot select this text with my mouse, and nothing I have tried has been able to touch this box and the text in it. I have to admit that it is the most annoying anomaly in LibreOffice I have ever run across. This document is for a client and I can't have this glitch on his Title page. I'm looking at rebuilding the whole 250+ pages again, just to get rid of this glitch on the first page. A few hours of work, but that's not the issue. How can this be, it is just beyond belief that it sits there at the top of my document and refuses to be edited. I have tried to allow a Header for this page, and then to edit the Header - but this anomaly stays above any text I insert. Untouchable.

I will appreciate any help or insight someone can give me on this issue.

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2014-06-25 14:21:13 +0100 asked a question I can't see the Chapter Headings

I am using: Libreoffice Writer; Version:; Build ID: 882f8a0a489bc99a9e60c7905a60226254cb6ff0

I am rebuilding a document from a free online version. I copy and paste into a document, then add heading styles to the text. Then I open up Format > Page > Headings > Heading and Footer On. Then I go to Insert > Fields > Other > Document > Chapter > Level > 2 > Insert > Close. But, instead of seeing the actual name of the Chapter Heading the document shows: "Chapter" on each page. But, when I open up Page Preview, the actual Chapter names appear. I have tried to include a screenshot but I don't have >3 points.