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aawh... Oh well... gotta make do with it somehow.. Thanks anyway!

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No such option Area.. Should I enable some other option?

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Hi there, community

How can i set the fill of a textbox in calc? Like putting an image or setting it to be transparent. I'm working on a project and im using textboxes (linked to cells) over an image, But there are some aspects of this image i need to be shown under the textbox.

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Great! That did it! I was hoping it would be something like this... but honestly did not think of a VALUE() function


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2014-06-26 05:42:56 +0200 asked a question Textbox/Formated Field and LinkedCells

Hi there, first-timer here.

I am working on an RPG charsheet in calculator and i've hit a wall.

I've got these textboxes/fields (tried both, just in case), where players could view their satus, linked to cells from where calculator can calculate other stats.. All working well untill i tried to format a cell which would get a value from a box.

So.. 1 box/field is linked to a formated cell B15 (+0;#;#) [+1234;#;#]
Another cell [C15] takes the value inputed in this cell and use it in the following formula:


Say B15 = +3; C15 displays blank as expected // Say B15 = +6; C15 displays +1 as expected

If i enter value directly into cell, calculations work perfectly. But getting the value from linked textbox/field does not work so well:

Say B15 = 6; C15 displays +1 as expected // Say B15 = 3; C15 displays: 2 (3 - 5, without "-" signal)

I've noticed that when i enter the value from textbox, the cell gets ( 'value ) instead of plain (value). I understand why this would be a problem, hence why i tried using formated fields (which didnt work also, and would not display cell formating). I also noticed that through other textboxes (these ones not linked to formated cells) cells get plain (value). Removing the formating from the cell, however, did not fix the problem.

Is there a way to solve this?