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2014-08-09 11:36:04 +0100 answered a question Merge multiple spreadsheets files into one

I do copy and paste it manually but it's really slow. I work with dozens of files sometimes which is a painstaking process.

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2014-08-07 18:52:21 +0100 asked a question Merge multiple spreadsheets files into one

Hi, I'm trying to merge multiple spreadsheet files with the same heading into one master copy. All the files has the same heading with two columns and always different number of rows.

They look like this:


A:Name B:Address

  1. John Padbury street
  2. Steve Rosemary street
  3. Kate High street


A:Name B:Address

  1. Henry East street
  2. Mary Rose street

file3.odt Name Address

  1. Stuart Scotland Avenue
  2. Hermione Backyard Square
  3. Emma London street
  4. Gary Stanford street

I would like to combine these .odt files into on file. Something like this:

Name Address

  1. Hermione Backyard Square
  2. John Padbury street
  3. Steve Rosemary street
  4. Kate High street
  5. Henry East street
  6. Mary Rose street
  7. Emma London street
  8. Gary Stanford street
  9. Stuart Scotland Avenue

I've found the way to accomplish it with macros on MS Excel but I'm running Ubuntu with Libre office and can't get it to work. Is there any way to have this done?