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2017-10-22 14:43:55 +0200 answered a question Embedding video: the format of the selected file is not supported

For windows, you need to install a codec bundle like K-Lite Codec Pack or Combined Community Codec Pack. https://wiki.d

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2015-02-05 19:10:45 +0200 commented answer How to change themes

Yes i noticed that a monochrome theme was used on Linux Mint, but it wasnt sifr, it was Faenza and i had to install the icon packages to get the rest. I'm assuming ubuntu does the same, but they are using the Human icon theme, which is a tango-like theme.

2015-01-31 15:53:26 +0200 answered a question ms-office icons in stead of 'tango'-icons

Someone collected the icons from office 2013 and made them into an icon theme that can be used in libreoffice.


Someone else gives a tutorial to make the theme look more like office 2013.


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2015-01-12 14:57:21 +0200 answered a question LibreOffice with fglrx drivers doesn't work properly

Someone else using Xubuntu was having similar problems with their proprietary drivers and installing libreoffice-gtk and/or libreoffice-gnome and that solved it for them.

2014-12-31 02:27:46 +0200 answered a question Should we upgrade from LibreOffice 3.4.4?

Just as a notice, font rendering/support in versions after 4.0.6 arent as good, but it stopped being supported from Jan 2014.

2014-12-28 19:43:18 +0200 answered a question Some comments put in Word look like gibberish in LibreOffice?

Would encourage you to upgrade to the latest 4.3.5 release which is available through the Ubuntu PPA - http://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+ar... .

You can submit the document to the developers for them to look over what the problem is at - https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/...

2014-12-28 19:39:54 +0200 answered a question Windows 8 - very frustrating install

You will need to turn on file extensions in order to correctly rename the .msi file.


2014-12-27 14:28:58 +0200 answered a question when we use microsoft office we find it very easy and full of options . why we don't feel that with libre

Libreoffice has most, if not all, of the features available in microsoft office, but unfortunately many of them are only accessible by digging through the menu bar, which means that its not very easy to access frequently used features, unless you customize your toolbar.

Microsoft office had this same problem until it released Office 2007, wherein they came up with their new ribbon UI to bring all the menu bar and toolbar features into a single tab-based toolbar.

Libreoffice has recently been working on improving the easy accessibility of frequently used features by adding these buttons into the default toolbars, which will be available in its upcoming 4.4 release in January/February 2015. You can see a before and after of the default toolbar in Writer in this link - https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/F...

2014-12-27 13:27:52 +0200 answered a question Cannot install LibreOffice 4.3.5 on Win7

If you downloaded the file from http://www.libreoffice.org/ and its extension turned out to be .man, rename it to .msi and then run it.

2014-12-27 13:26:09 +0200 answered a question How do install Canadian Spell Check Ubuntu 14.10

Go into the menu under Tools, then click Options at the bottom resulting in a dialog appearing. Open the 'Language Settings' category and click on the 'Language' entry underneath it. Set 'English (Canada)' in the drop down list entitled 'Local setting:' and 'Western:'.

2014-12-27 12:44:02 +0200 answered a question where can I send a .xlsx document that freezes up Libreoffice for your examination

If you install the latest fresh version (4.3.5) and you are still having problems, you can send in your xlsx file to https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/...

2014-12-27 12:41:53 +0200 answered a question Is the libre office package compatible with google operating systems?

Though google operating systems are based on linux, Libreoffice does not run natively on them. If you would like to run libreoffice from your tablet, you can give cloudon.com and hubdesk.net a try.

You can download the windows version from - https://www.libreoffice.org/download/...

2014-12-03 15:26:36 +0200 commented answer Connect Libreoffice 4.2 with Google Drive

Seems like it is not just me having this problem, but sophie did as well.


2014-11-25 12:13:30 +0200 commented answer Connect Libreoffice 4.2 with Google Drive

@Cedric - This is my build information

Version: Build ID: 185f2ce4dcc34af9bd97dec29e6d42c39557298f

I tested it on Windows with version and it worked correctly there.

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2014-10-20 12:41:55 +0200 answered a question why Highlights made in microsoft Office Word cannot be undone in Libreoffice Writer 4.2

Highlights made in microsoft word odt and doc files can be undone in libreoffice writer 4.2. Highlights in docx files can only be undone in 4.3.

2014-10-12 17:23:58 +0200 answered a question How to change themes

LibreOffice has an UI (user interface) theme and icon theme.

LibreOffice's UI theme is controlled by your desktop operating system's theme, so by changing your operating system's theme, you will also change LibreOffice's theme. You can also change the UI theme by setting a Firefox Persona theme in Tools > Options > Personalization.

LibreOffice's icon theme is set in Tools > Options > View, under the heading 'Icon Size and Style'. The drop down list will contain the available list of icon sets accessible to LibreOffice. If you are running Linux, your Linux distribution may not have pre-installed all the available icon sets that you may want to try. Some useful icon set packages are libreoffice-style-tango (the default theme), libreoffice-style-human (theme used in ubuntu), libreoffice-style-sifr (monochrome theme), libreoffice-style-oxygen (good theme for KDE) and libreoffice-style-galaxy (libreoffice's previous default theme).

2014-09-27 14:59:24 +0200 commented answer Connect Libreoffice 4.2 with Google Drive

Was able to set Server Type to Google Drive and then clicked the refresh button, which opened up a dialog for me to put in my email address and password. Then it asked to set a master password for saved passwords. Then i'm back at the initial dialog and repository is empty, path is empty and login is also empty and the OK button is disabled and i cant go any further.