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thank you guys! particularly "rautamiekka" and "Lupp". I love LO and use it nowadays exclusively on all platforms on which I work: Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X, and once in long while Windows 7 (LOL). LO is a great product; I donated twice to the project, and recommend the suite to everybody and anybody I ever encounter who cares to learn about an Office Suite product. rautamiekka and Lupp, you have answered to the point and succintly, so I thank you. You're awesome!

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No, I am not using Calc as a word processing / text writing app; I merely wanted to change the spacing between multiple lines contained within one cell, and thought that the "Paragraph..." option (under the Format menu entry) was the best way to set line spacing. Perhaps there is another, better way of accomplishing this in Calc? Why is the "Paragraph..." option even listed in the menu item list, when in fact it doesn't seem to ever become enabled? No matter what I tried to select, that entry always remained grayed out / disabled. Does it serve any purpose at all? So if "Paragraph..." is not how one should control the line spacing (again, between text lines separated with a hard return contained within one single cell), then what would be the desired approach to accomplishing this?

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LibreOffice Version running on Ubuntu 14.04, English. I couldn't find any documentation pertaining to what "defines" a paragraph in Calc (not in Writer); whenever I click on the Format menu item, the "Paragraph..." list entry right below "Character..." is never enabled; it's always disabled because I don't know what defines and therefore how to select a paragraph. I am working with cells containing text, such as labels for printing on Avery label sheets, and would like to be able to set the line spacing to something other than the default, and this is accomplished by selecting Paragraph..., correct?