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OKEEE -- THANKS :) BUT... after clicking TABS and the "Right" type button, one has to type in the 0.0" value of the right margin, example:

Taylor v. Jones (1776) 3 Eng.Rep. 425 {Mouse Menu Paragraph+Tabs+Type+Right + 6.25"} 64, 72

Thus, the (page) numbers "64, 72" will appear evenly at the end of line, writing "backwards"

Each line of your Table of Authorities or Table of Contents is going to be a "paragraph"

Now all I need is a decent macro command function.

Thanks again.

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Thank you for reply. No. I have not. I'll tell you why. I have been word processing since 1987. I have volumes of now useless macros (some of which were pretty neat). What I discovered over time is that these features are almost always more time consuming than doing things "manually."

2015-07-08 21:09:20 +0100 commented answer Increase Indent (F4)

Oh God, true. LO wastes F4 on nifty wifty, kewl stuff like bibliograhies because the entire program is put together by people who are enthralled by nifty wifty kewl stuff and have never actually written anything other than code or twitter messages. LO is not a word processing programe. It is a printing program. LO techies seemed to think that WP was something laughable. Not.

Q: Know how to do an [Indent] starting AFTER beginning of a line; eg. [TAB]1. [F4INDENT]indented text.

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2015-07-01 18:16:50 +0100 asked a question right flush within a left aligned line

Word Perfect had a feature which allowed for a right flush within a line otherwise aligned to the left.

e.g: |this is a line of text aligned to the left the margin. [Align Right] 42|

This was extremely handy for doing tables of contents / table of authorities without having to go through the immensely complicated (and ultimately more time consuming) fol de rol of "tables" and "outlines" and other superannuated "macro" features.

Has anyone figured out how to do this in Libre Office?

2015-07-01 18:01:00 +0100 answered a question Permanently set default page style

I have never seen a word-processing programme so utterly counter-intuitive and loaded with glitzy junk.

Does anyone working at/on/with/by - Libre Office, know what the world "Default" means? It means those settings and/or conditions that will apply universally ... not just to "this" particular document.

And why should it be so immensely complicated to change the default?

If you go click on the styles logo, you get a drop list with "Default" at the top. Right click on that gives a pop up uption of "modify" .... Duh.. "modify default" a NORMAL person that would mean exactly that... but nooooooo not to the wizards at Libre Office

If people spent more time trying to understand the needs of REAL writers instead of trying to come up with whiz bang kewl and nifty glitz, the wp. might actually be good.... one day... maybe...

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2014-10-29 03:09:15 +0100 answered a question Increase Indent (F4)

I have answered my own question.
Figure Out Time: 1.3 Hrs. Frustration Level: 6 of 10

Issue: Most actual text WRITERS want I handy key-board stroke to do simple ordinary formatting such as quickly indenting a line or paragraph either for quotes or other types of indexing (particularly those that might go beyond one line in length) In WORDPERFECT this was F4. Each hit on F4 indented the line or paragraph one tab stop to the right. Most actual text WRITERS do not want to interrupt their mind/hand ergonomics to reach for a mouse, steady cursor up to a menu bar and click on the little button icon.

For some unfathomable reason LO had F4 invoke a bibliography window even though the pop up on the Increase Indent icon said (F4). Why would any one waste a basic function key like straight F4 (without shift, control or command) on an acrane function such as a bibliography database? We usually hire grunts to do bibliographies and don't care how they do it.

Libre Office also provided no pellucid or even easily accessible help/instructions on how to reassign a function key.

SOLUTION: IN MAC 10.6 go into System Preferences. Click on Keyboard. Highlight and Click on "Applications" in the scroll window to the left. This will take you to the application folder where you can click on Libre Office.

Libre Office will then appear on the right side of the Mac System Keyboard dialog window. Click on libre office. A dialog box will appear. Type in the exact name of the command at issue, in this case "Increase Indent" For and In the dialog box beneath that hit the F4 key. You have no assigned F4 to "INcrease Indenet " as far as Mac OS is concerned

Make sure you quit Libre Office and then re-start it. F4 will now do an increase indent.

2014-10-29 02:46:22 +0100 answered a question I no longer wish LO to be my default word processor. how do I stop it

You can't. You do not have permissions to delete it. It has merged with maverick to create a new hybrid monster OS that will interlock with your auto's GPS if it gets the chance.

Solution: Run DOS BOX and WP 5.1


2014-10-29 02:31:48 +0100 asked a question Increase Indent (F4)

The increase indent button on the tool bar works. F4 does not indent. It calls up a bibliography window instead. There is no clear instruction on how to manually assign a function key to a function.

I want F4 to do what pressing the increase indent button does.


P.S. I don't know who "karma" is.