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2014-11-09 19:24:14 +0100 asked a question Excel Headers don't appear

I have an Excel XLSX document with Headers and Footers.

When I open the document in Calc, there are no headers or footers in either the print preview or in the View|Headers menu.

How do I make the Excel Headers visible?

Note: When I go To FOrmat View Page and enable Headers and Footers with the check box, there are no headers and footers. Meaning they are blank.

2014-11-08 17:12:45 +0100 asked a question Headless convert XLSX to PDF

newbie question.

Using a command prompt in Windows 8.1 I need to convert an XLSX file to PDFs, but how?

I have used the GUI to open and then export to pdf and it worked nicely. I just need a way to do it from a command line.