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2014-12-09 20:23:58 +0200 commented answer Math symbols such as angles shown as boxes

I am using Windows 7. The symbols I have most problems with are the braces in math formulas. Do you know which fonts I should use for this? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

2014-12-09 18:02:59 +0200 asked a question Math symbols such as angles shown as boxes

leslant the leslant displays as a rectangle instead of the less than or equal sign. This happens also with a few other symbols in Libreoffice math.

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Thanks; I attached one.

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2014-11-27 18:03:12 +0200 asked a question LibreOffice Math: Symbols Missing?

Missing3.PNGHello, I am new to LibreOffice Math. When I first opened it up, some important symbols like 'equals' appeared as a floppy disk; I fixed this by downloading the OpenSymbols TrueType Font. But now, there are still many symbols missing, specifically:

-one in Unary/Binary Operators,

-a few in Relations,

a few in Attributes,

-most of them in Brackets, and

-one in Others

I have attached an image of each of the problems.

Is there another font type I have to download, or what can I do to recover these symbols?