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Thanks for the answer! i hope that will help someone using Windows xD btw, srry for not adding my OS to the post. and I'll try reinstalling even though I'm not on windows ;)

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2014-12-05 15:02:30 +0100 asked a question English dictionary not installed on libreoffice

Hi, i have been trying to solve this for days, no searches i did helped. My Libreoffice installation does not seem to have an English dictionary at all. i have checked if aspell is installed and it is, i have an extension for the Norwegian spellcheck and that works, and i also have the aspell dictionary for Norwegian installed. i noticed that there's a check next to the Norwegian dictionaries in the list, but none next to the English US (or other languages for that matter). i looked to see if i could find an extension download for English US and i found the one from April 2011 but there's no download on the page..

[edit] I'm running Antergos Linux (pulling Libre from the Arch repo's ).