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2015-11-17 18:56:09 +0100 answered a question How to read .odb file in java using JDBC?

It is not working for me unfortunately, I would like to read a database created using LibreOffice base and create create-read-update-delete scripts and such.

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2015-11-09 11:32:00 +0100 asked a question Plotting graphs

I use LibreOffice Base and LibreOffice Calc as I try to visualize models in my research and learning of machine learning techniques.

I would like to know whether sufficient graphing solutions exist to allow me to plot n-dimensional models and 2D models.

Here are some things I would like to see implemented: 1. Bipartite graph - 2. Euclidean distance -

I post hyperlinks to my social media page on Facebook called 'Techy News', it might be hard to find initially. NOTE: The content writer does not seem to acknowledge line breaks it keeps repeating the text in the same line, I suggest a review of the HTML code.

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2015-10-21 18:03:58 +0100 asked a question Text to columns does not work with multiple select

Trying to parse a CV with 4178 rows including the header, I browse to Data > Text to Columns, however, unfortunately after I do a multiple selection and try to have the data parsed to columns, the option is disabled.

Is it possible to consider enabling this function for large data sets?

I use , as a possible source of datasets maybe you can suggest others. I am working on a machine learning algorithm any specific technical advice would help.

3 points are required to enable me to upload files e.g. screenshots and samples to demonstrate the problem.

Is this a bug or would this be a request for enhancement?

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2015-10-19 18:02:34 +0100 asked a question Why does LibreOffice have me terminate the process through the Task Manager?

I am using Windows Server 2007, and, I use LibreOffice regularly amidst some technical issues. It's not the first time that I cannot open a document and I have to terminate the process through the Task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del is a cool keyboard shortcut if have a keyboard attached)

Is this a problem that can be solved through system programming?

Tips and tricks 1. Keyboard shortcuts - .

Technical articles 1.

See also thread at , about killing processes on unix-based operating systems.

3 points are required to upload files, sorry no screenshot as yet!

2015-10-19 18:00:20 +0100 asked a question Why is the insert statement failing?

I am using LibreOffice Base, and, even though I am typing in fields to be inserted in the database, I am getting an error, which I cannot explain to myself.

I require three points to upload screenshots. Within this form it does not seem possible to upload the odb file. I am using LibreOffice Base.

How can my problem be fixed please?

2015-10-19 18:00:13 +0100 asked a question Machine learning using libreOffice base

I am wondering how to draw graphs for machine learning is LibreOffice Calc or any of its extensions featuring any of these features?

See this link and other literature on this topic.

2015-10-19 17:59:57 +0100 answered a question Error : the maximum number of rows has been exceeded

This is not good news for data mining, I hope the product will be improved to include more rows. I am not sure about LibreOffice Base either.

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2014-01-15 09:39:51 +0100 asked a question Masterpassword not being prompted

I have a spreadsheet that is saved using a masterpassword, however, LibreOffice does not prompt me for the password unfortunately when I open the spreadsheet.

Does this issue happen to you as well to an xlsx file please or am I doing something wrong?

Coming to think of it, this file has been saved on Skydrive so it “might be” that Microsoft engineering might have removed its own security features through some integretative technology.

Just to clarify this happens when I am using LibreOffice Calc.

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2012-06-29 23:07:01 +0100 asked a question Why does it use so much space to store in .doc format?

Well, I prepared a document containing two screenshots copied from the Windows clipboard, and, saved it to Word Document format .doc, and, the file was nearly 12Mb. I copied and pasted the same screenshots and text to another document to Word 2007 and the document, saved in docx format uses 200k of size.

Quite a difference isn't it?