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2015-02-24 00:03:25 +0100 commented answer how do I specify a font to open a text file in?

Could not figure out number one, tried number two and template says Courier New in Writer seems to work.

However the SCALC does not seem to want to work, it keeps wanting to save a file.

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2015-02-17 04:05:01 +0100 asked a question how do I specify a font to open a text file in?

Both Writer and Calc will open a text file in Liberation Sans font, and I want Courier and Ariel respectively to be the default font. This problem starting occurring about 2 or 3 releases ago (that I downloaded) and is very annoying since it a hard to read font.

I tried to do the global settings, but even though the font window says that I set a font (Courier in Writer), they still open up in the bad font. This sometimes occurs on a cut and paste from another file also.

How do I get a default font to stick when I click on a text file to open it in Calc or Writer?

2015-02-17 03:53:30 +0100 asked a question How do I open a XML file with characters like a slashed zero?

The file open fails with a message of :

General Error General input/output error

I have traced it to a slashed zero in other files, but this file is a bit too large to look for special characters (90 meg, 12000 records), and I believe .xml files open with SCALC.exe.