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2015-12-23 18:27:28 +0100 asked a question Numbered/Bulleted list in a cell in Calc


Is there a way to insert a numbered/bulleted list in a cell in Calc like I can do in Writer? I know that Calc is meant for numbers, but I really need this feature.

Any help?


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I tried that, but no luck.

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it just disappears! (because it's already checked)

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2015-08-26 18:51:55 +0100 asked a question Missing icons in status bar


I have 2 PC with ubuntu 14.04 (one with cinnamon and one with LXDE). In both I have this problem in Libreoffice v5.0.0.5, look at this screenshot:

As you can see some icons are missing ("+" and "-" in zoom control, etc...).

Is it a known bug or I can do something to solve it?


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2015-07-28 20:08:45 +0100 commented answer Insert a date from date field into a cell

I have linux mint 17.2 x64

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2015-07-28 18:23:33 +0100 commented answer Insert a date from date field into a cell

@pierre-yves samyn, yes I did, my Date Field looks exactly like your. I uploaded an image.

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2015-07-28 16:18:59 +0100 commented answer Insert a date from date field into a cell

Thanks again, now the problem is that I don't have the Data tab in Data Field Properties. Do you know why?

2015-07-28 15:19:47 +0100 commented answer Insert a date from date field into a cell

ok thanks, I have created the macro but now how can I associate it to the date field?

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2015-07-28 07:57:54 +0100 asked a question Insert a date from date field into a cell


I have seen this wiki. What I'd like to do is to insert the value of the date field from calender into a cell, so a user can choose any date and it will be automatically inserted into a cell.

Is it possible to do that?


EDIT: here is my Date Field :

it's in italian but you can see that I have only General and Events tabs.

2015-07-27 22:14:51 +0100 asked a question "filtering by label (tag)" in calc


Is it possible to create a "filtering by label (tag)" in calc. I'm writing a sheet that works as a bug tracker (for software programmers) and it would be nice to have a system to link a "label (tag)" to a cell so that, when clicking on it, a filter will be created to show all cells with that label.

Is it possible? Thanks