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2015-05-10 13:36:25 +0200 answered a question Can i delete all the previous versions of LibreOffice?

No, you should be able to uninstall them without affecting the current version.

however, I have found issues with 4.4.2 repeatedly crashing and have reverted to 4.3

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2015-03-08 17:59:29 +0200 commented answer Can I show the Styles Pane WITHOUT the annoying sidebar icons?

Have already searched Tool>Options and Tools>Customise but there is no visible option. Using a 31" laptop, the extra space taken up by the default view of these icons just clogs up the interface.

I would therefore like to request the option to turn the sidebar icons off and revert to the previous view of a simple styles box.

I am currently considering reverting to the prvious version of LO as I find the sidebar extremely irritating.

2015-03-08 12:32:44 +0200 asked a question Can I show the Styles Pane WITHOUT the annoying sidebar icons?

Currently on I usually have the Styles pane in the top L/H corner (anchored) and the Navigator immediately below. On the previous versions this was fine and worked perfectly for me. Now it seems that I can't have the Styles up without the new Sidebar. Now I find the sidebar icons hog too much space and want kust to have the Styles list WITHOUT the sidebar icons but I can't seem to do this. Please note that I consider the sidebar icons an annoying retrograde step. Thanks.image description

2015-03-08 12:24:24 +0200 commented answer Will Writer ever provide MS Word style outlining (not navigator)?

I'm certainly not a scaptic, but have been driven away from MS Word by the bloated file size, the screen hogging and unintuitive ribbon and most recently by MS insistence on a subscription model. These days I only use Word when I have to i.e. collaborative documents. Whilst I appreciate that LibreOffice can improve in some areas, I don't EVER want it to go down the MS Dffice interface and bloatware route.