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2018-09-20 23:39:35 +0200 asked a question 13x19 paper in Epson XP 15000 only printing 8.27" wide

13x19 paper in Epson XP 15000 only printing 8.27" wide I'm using Libreoffice Version: (x64) Build ID: efb621ed25

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2017-03-29 03:51:58 +0200 asked a question Open windows don't show up on task bar -

When I open an .odt or .ods file (or .doc or .xls), the file opens, but doesn't show in the task bar. If I open the Write or Base from the menu, then open the file, it shows up fine.

This makes productivity difficult if I unthinkingly minimize the window, and I've already accidentally had the same file open twice without realizing it.

I'm running Linux Mint 17.3, LibreOffice Version: Build ID: 1:5.3.1-0ubuntu1~trusty0.

How can I get my task bar indicators back?!?!?

2017-03-28 18:31:29 +0200 commented question panel not showing libreoffice5

Same here. LM 17.3 64 bit cinamon, LO As Gara says, it will show if I go through menu, but not if I open from .odt, .ods, .xls etc.

Hoping someone will give this some love - it's been almost a year since dumo first posted!

2016-07-05 21:35:10 +0200 asked a question writer landscape prints wrong

Using libreoffice, on Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon. Printing with Epson Stylus Photo 1400. When I try to print landscape, it prints a significantly larger font than chosen and cuts off the top third of the document. Any thoughts in how to get it to print the correct size?

I realize I haven't given enough details. What more info do you need?