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2015-05-24 02:16:10 +0100 answered a question Calc - Horizontal Smooth Scrolling


I am also interested in how to adjust scrolling rates

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2015-05-24 02:08:21 +0100 asked a question Is it possible to adjust the scrolling speed in all LibreOffice apps?

Horizontal and vertical scrolling speeds are fast.

Within Calc: vertical scrolling jumps ~40 rows; horizontal scrolling jumps ~20 columns Within Writer: vertical scrolling jumps half a page

My goal is to make scrolling become less rapid

Operating system properties for scrolling have been reviewed. The discussed scrolling speeds do not carry over into either Chrome or Microsoft Office applications.

Please provide direction to necessary sections of coding or Option settings (although I have already done a quick review of LibreOffice Option settings)

Thank you for reviewing this topic