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2015-07-26 20:32:21 +0100 asked a question Setting default format, font etc in Writer

I can't find any SPECIFIC information on how a less than expert person can do this. I tried setting up a blank document to start with and saved it, but the ORIGINAL(?) "format" still returns. The "help" sections are too complicated and not friendly to a novice.

"saved" centered, heading keeps the cursor in the middle of the page all the way down, and does not go to the margin.

So please help me on these two issues.

Thank you Vers W8.1

2015-05-24 21:39:07 +0100 asked a question Default Template Help Not Accurate

Just installed V and went to Help to set default font, etc.

Got: "Changing the Default Template". In step 4 I am told to go to the "categories list". But that does not appear. I am stuck in Step3, "type the name of the new template". There is no box to click on to go to the next step, or access the "categories" Or find a list of templates. HELP needs to be updated or clarified.. Thank you

windows 8.1