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2015-08-30 21:23:09 +0200 answered a question Libre Office x64 (Writer) - Immediate Crash on Start Up.

UPDATE: The crash was caused by a problem in the grammar checking module. The crash was restricted to x64 versions and could be avoided by switching off the auto grammar check. The issue was resolved before general release.

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2015-06-01 13:37:44 +0200 commented answer When will LibreOffice Writer have an insert page number function as easy as MS Word?

"Writer inserts the page number on the first line of the document" To be fair, it inserts the number wherever you wish - header, footer, or any where else on the document... its 100% your choice. If you want predefined positions and formats under the button, you can set them up as page and paragraph styles in your default template.

2015-05-31 16:01:13 +0200 commented answer user-defined format for numbers being lost.

Once you've created the style save as template and set as default. The style will be retained and can be used in any sheet built from the template. (You'll see your format mask in the numbers format list on the cell dialog)

2015-05-31 15:53:17 +0200 commented answer user-defined format for numbers being lost.

To create the cell style you need to use the style & format menu - you can access it in the sidebar - button under properties)

Once you've created you custom format and clicked on the green tick. Make sure you've got the cell selected and open the style & format window (s&F). Top right of the s&f window you'll find a button to create new style from selected cell. click on the button to create the style - you'll be asked to give it a name, then click ok. Your new style will appear in the list.

2015-05-31 13:30:12 +0200 commented question Libre Office 4.3 shows "not responding" windows7/64

thank you @mariosv, I should have added that link...

2015-05-31 13:20:35 +0200 answered a question user-defined format for numbers being lost.

This should work. Open a blank sheet. Set up your custom formats on the sheet. Create a cell style from the cell(s) containing your custom number format (or formats) Save your sheet as a template.

In template manager, set the template with all your custom formats as the default sheet. Now, when you open a new sheet, all your custom formats will already be defined.

Hope that helps Eric

2015-05-31 13:02:43 +0200 answered a question Writer to DOC first page header conversion issue

What version of LO are you using? I've had similar issues with headers and word conversions though the difficulties seem to have lessened with each new LO version.

The target word version compounds the problem as the same header can behave differently on different word versions. While .docx brings its own problems, I do recall having less page header / footer problems with .docx conversions.

In all honesty, for distribution to a 'word' audience, I find that saving the document as ODF 1.0/1.1 is usually the best option. The biggest issues I've encountered when going that route have been some dynamic header fields becoming fixed.


2015-05-31 12:35:30 +0200 answered a question Libre Office 4.3 shows "not responding" windows7/64

I have a similar set up in terms of CPU and OS but haven't had speed issues.

How much memory do you have on your system and how much is LO using? On my system, LO with a single doc open in writer is below 250,000K load on 4GB of RAM.

As a start, what are your LO Graphics and Memory options set at?

By way of comparison, on my system

for memory I have :

20 undo steps, 128 Mb for LO 1 Mb per object and 100 object cache. I do not load the LO quickstarter.

for graphics:

I use hardware acceleration / anti aliasing but have open GL off.

and misc settings

JRE on, Open CL on, Macros off.

Other areas to check could be any extensions you have that might be misbehaving. It may also be worth creating a clean profile and seeing if you still have the same issues.

As another possible - could other processes be slowing down your system? may be run process explorer (D/L sys internals) and see whether another program is hogging all your CPU and / or RAM.

I hope that offers you some help Eric

2015-05-31 11:46:12 +0200 commented question Libre Office x64 (Writer) - Immediate Crash on Start Up.

You would seem to be confirming my fears Lupp ;) . Alongside your experience, there is a lack of anything similar on Bugzilla. All would point to something in the system environment being the problem - but I'm drawing a complete blank on what that might be.

2015-05-31 11:33:12 +0200 answered a question How do I duplicate or Copy a page?

If you are working with long documents that have multiple sections or parts, creating a master document can save time. You can save the sections as separate documents and re-arrange them at will in the master document.

Though it might not help in your case, I've found that page styles can also help in documents where there is a need to frequently add or reorder pages (e.g. multiple appendices, reference sections....). 1) Place your content in a frame and anchor the frame within the page header. 2) Create a new page style (e.g. mystyle1) - the header will be saved. 3) Modify the page break preceding the page insertion to create a new page using your newly created page style (mystyle1)

Voila, the new page will be created with its content (inside the header-anchored frame).


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2015-05-31 10:44:18 +0200 asked a question Libre Office x64 (Writer) - Immediate Crash on Start Up.

Good afternoon all, I've been trying in vain to fathom why I can't get LO5.0.0.0 X64 to run for more than a few seconds. Hopefully someone out there can give me a useful lead to follow up.

I have no problems with my LO4.4.3 set up, but thus far all versions of the x64 LO5.0.0.0 builds I've tried (Nightly / Alpha / Beta) display the same behaviour - UI crash on document load.

Steps :-

open Libre Office (Office start menu.) select existing document (any document) to open. Document loads and writer immediately crashes when load is complete.


open Libre Office (Office start menu.) select create new document Writer loads and immediately crashes when new document template load is complete.

or: -

open Libre writer Writer loads and immediately crashes when new document template load is complete.

In all cases, the office.bin process remains running after the UI crashes. The Behaviour is the same with a completely fresh profile.

Aside from being a little suspicions about JRE, I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions before I post to bugzilla?

Regards Eric M

Libre Office x64 Beta 1 (and x64 Alpha) on Win 7 x64 JRE 8.45 (Both x86 and x64) Libre Office 4.4.3 runs faultlessly on the same platform.