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2014-01-31 14:27:46 +0200 answered a question Does Writer v4.2 produce larger file sizes?


The files in question are simply text-only files. (Short stories).

2014-01-31 05:30:10 +0200 asked a question Does Writer v4.2 produce larger file sizes?

Did something change with file sizing in Writer 4.2?

Example: I edited (added a few lines) to an .odt file with a size of around 35KB...when I saved it and re-opened it, the size had jumped to almost 90 KB?

What the heck happened?

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L-User, I am using version, and interestingly enough, I opened each dictionary (through the Tools|Options|Language Settings|Writing Aids, and then saved it, and since then, the problem seems to be gone. Thanks for your suggestion, though. :)

2013-12-09 03:30:11 +0200 asked a question Why do my Writer documents open with spelling errors showing?

Whenever I open a document in Writer (LibreOffice 4.1), it always opens with the red squiggly lines showing spelling errors. But when I correct the first error, it shows every spelling error has been corrected. (These words have been entered into the dictionary.)

And if I open the same document again at a later time, the spelling errors show again.

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2012-08-13 01:23:38 +0200 commented question LibreOffice 3.6 issues

Sorry, tohuwawohu. Regarding "Writer files refuse to register under LibreOffice 3.6"--that problem seems to have corrected itself, so it's not an issue. However, the original issue (the pinned Writer icon no longer having a jump list of recent files, and the second icon appearing) is still there.

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2012-08-11 02:17:43 +0200 asked a question LibreOffice 3.6 issues

Bunch of issues with LibreOffice 3.6--First of all, when I pinned the icon for Writer to my task bar (Windows 7 SP1), my list of previously opened files (jump list) was no longer accessible. (It was under the 3.5 version I had installed before. I did a clean install of 3.6, deleting the previous user profile before I installed, and still had the same issues.

Update: This is weird--When I pin the "Writer" icon to my taskbar in Win 7, I have no jump list available...However, when I open a document from within Windows Explorer, a second Writer icon appears on the taskbar with the full jump list, but I can't pin that one to the taskbar.