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2016-11-11 11:59:06 +0200 asked a question Protect the documento

i would like to protect a presentation made with index. The best you can do is to make Save as and set a password for the modifications and maybe leave blank for the opening.

But i saw that yes, you cant modify, but you can easily quietly select all the words and copy them, select every image and save them, export the file to pdf (and if you have a pdf editor change it). Yoy can easily copy all the text boxes with everything inside and copy all with a simple ctrl c + ctrl +v in another empty document and do everything you want.

So a complete useless protection Really displease that.

Not possible to choose a better protection for the document?

2016-10-27 12:49:19 +0200 asked a question Impress cambio diapositiva

E' possibile fare in modo che impress cambi la diapositiva al termine di una animazione?

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2015-07-09 23:32:48 +0200 asked a question Impress Presenter Console or Timer

Helllo i have a presentation with impress, i would like to have a running timer for the presentation. The software has a timer presentation but this works only for the singular slide not for the all presentation. If i change slide the timer goes to 0. I want a timer running from first to the last slide.

I know the presenter console with another monitor attached. Isn't possible to try that without a second monitor connected?