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2017-06-20 16:00:56 +0200 answered a question Having problems with mailmerge and fields

I think there is mail-merge guide under menu: Tools, but you can also just follow these simple steps. 1. Open your temp

2016-10-22 21:37:28 +0200 answered a question To view ALL formula on Spreadsheet

Use shortcut CTRL + F10 to toggle view of formulas

2016-06-15 18:48:25 +0200 answered a question Locale independent lexicographical sort

You should look at this As far as I can see, only "aa" which is sort like "å" will give you problems, so why not just use English as sorting language for your special purpose.

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2016-04-04 12:03:54 +0200 answered a question Spreadsheet cell clipboard

If you don't like this Excel circumcision - go to Function - Tools - LibreOffice Calc - Compatibility and change the key bindings to 'OpenOffice'


2015-04-30 17:22:48 +0200 answered a question Autofilter programming using Macro in LO

You will find all you need for making a filter-macro here:

2015-04-06 11:32:00 +0200 answered a question How do I find a non-existant font in a libreoffice document?

Caibra = Calibra (LibreOffice default font)? Why don't you just embed the fonts in the file as asked for. Go to Menu: File > Properties > Fonts and mark font as embedded.

2015-04-05 10:14:07 +0200 answered a question How to install additional fonts for LibreOffice online

Creating your Draw doc under Windows you can add fonts to the file. Just go to File > Properties and mark fonts as embedded.

Jens S

2015-03-26 20:50:07 +0200 answered a question Libre office online without downloading-please urgent!!!

Google's Chrome browser has an app called 'LibreOffice on rollApp' This runs within the browser as a server app as latest LibreOffice version and you can work with your files in Dropbox, Google Drive or similar clouds. I have tried the system on my Windows 8.1 and my HP Chromebox and it looks ok. As far as I know it is only free for the first month.


2014-10-16 12:41:08 +0200 answered a question Date Format Frustration!

When you create a database-file from the your spreadsheet - 1. row in the spreadsheet is used as field-name and 2. row as field-type. After registration of this odb-file, never touch it again - all addition and deletion should be done in the spreadsheet and will immediately be reflected in the database. If you are sure that all dates in the 'expiration date' - column are dates and that does not solve your problem - you can change all the dates to text by entering a ' in front of the date.(use search and replace)

2014-10-11 11:27:52 +0200 answered a question Can`t open spreadsheet (Read-Error)

@Anna You need to download 2 tools to manipulate the file with the error. Search for '7-zip' and 'Notepad++' in Google and install them on your Windows computer. Right click now on the error file and select 7-zip -> Open. This window shows the content of the file - some folders and some files. One of the files is content.xml - right click on that and select Edit. Normally Windows notepad will open - but I prefer Notepad++, so go the options menu in 7-Zip and change this. Notepad++ use colour syntax and cursor-position. Place the cursor on the error position in Notepad++ and syntax-coloring will colour the start-tag and end-tag light blue. If it is about some formatting so just delete the whole tag around the error. Save the file and close Notepad++ , accept 7-zip updating the content.xml in the error file. Finally just close 7-zip and you should now be able to open the file with Calc.

2014-06-27 12:21:29 +0200 answered a question Why do I get error message 502 when using INTRATE() function?

Set your output to -12000 (redemption as +12000 is meaningless) and use this formula:

=XIRR(B1:B2;A1:A2) with the result 26%

2014-02-21 13:29:57 +0200 answered a question Static now() function for a log.

If you want your time-stamp in col A - format col A as DD-MM-YY HH:MM (or what is suitable in your language) Put this formula in A1: =IF(B1="";"";IF(A1="";NOW();A1)) and copy down. Under Menu:Tools - Options - LibreOffice Calc - Calculate mark Iterations (this is only saved in current document) Each time you add something in col B the time-stamp will show up in col A


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2014-02-07 12:45:28 +0200 answered a question Writer import from Word does not show hidden text

I don't know how this is handled in LibreOffice, but try to go to menu: Format - Sections.. and just remove the section selected or unhide it

Jens S

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2012-10-13 13:08:20 +0200 answered a question Date entered in Calc does not default to current year

Try to change the Date Acceptance Patterns box to: M-D;M-D-Y;M-


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2012-08-14 17:19:19 +0200 answered a question Trend Line Data Range

Correct me if I am wrong, but you I suppose you use the graph-function to insert a trend-line. You can also use the TREND function to calculate a trend-line in your own interval: =TREND(A19:A38;B19:B38) (this is a matrix-formula, so you have to use ctrl+shift+enter) and then incorporate the line in your graph.