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2016-05-27 19:25:49 +0200 asked a question Get value and Concattenate

Hello Guys,

I'm stuck, can anyone help me figure it out.

Here's the file I'm working on (can't upload, because don't have enough points) -

The last (green) row is the main and all the above are secondary.

I want to create the SKU numbers by Dragging down and filling in the values with C6 content and adding (with CONCATENATE) column O values. So they will be unique.

Example in the file: I have the parent SKU: TPS-FU-AP-IP-001, then there are child items TPS-FU-AP-IP-001-Rojo (red). This table will be copied down to add more products.

So, what I need is, find the closest C parent (as an indicator, the Type column can be used with value Configurable) - then get that value and apend the Color.

I've managed to get it for the first line in the file by using this formula:


But when I drag down, it adds changes the cells (A6 to A7 etc.).

I can't lock them by using using $ sings, because when copied below, those should take the values of the new rows (the actual array).

I'm not very good with such formulas, what I was thinking is to search the closest configurable value, once this value is found in the array, get the C* value and lock it in the that array, is it posible?

I'm sorry if I'm not explaining myself clearly, I hope you get the idea.

Thanks and waiting for suggestions,

Best wishes,

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2015-07-22 19:11:04 +0200 asked a question Extract/Filter cell text from pattern.

Hey Guys,

First of all, I want to appologize for my English. :)

I would like to get your suggestions on how to filter the values I need and remove the rest from the cell in another cell.

To make this more clear here are few examples:

I have this line in Cell F1:


and I need to get in Cell H1:

T1285 T1281 T1282 T1283 T1284

(from the line above).

Basically what I need is to extract/filter (I hope I'm using the correct term) pattern:


from all the cells in the F columns.

Thank you for the help,