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2015-10-27 16:09:26 +0200 commented answer bug in tricky array formula

Interesting... it seems you used an operator I didn't know about, the &... I will learn about this now with your example. Thank you so much again!

2015-10-27 16:04:04 +0200 commented answer bug in tricky array formula

Lupp, thank you very much, you have indeed fixed the bug. And I understand your hint and I see that a database would be a simple solution for this. However, due to the environment that I'm in, the portability of the spreadsheet is HIGHLY favourable for us, and though it's perhaps stretching the power of spreadsheets, it does now seem to work thanks to some brilliant formula-making. Now that it's working, it's use should be simple and it function for a long time to come. My deepest thanks! :)

2015-10-27 14:35:54 +0200 asked a question bug in tricky array formula

Hello all!

So, with the help of this forum a couple of months ago, I got this epic and tricky spreadsheet done with some very complex formulas, which had stumped me forever until someone brilliant used array formulas to solve my problem.

Now, in using the sheet, there is a bug and I am at a complete loss to get it to work right! Please please you formula gurus out there, help me get this bug figured out.

(I am on LibreOffice Calc in English under linux)

The spreadsheet is here attached, and the problem is in the 'current' tab in the F column. The formula pulls data from the 'advocacy log' tab and is supposed to pull the name of the most recent advocate for the person in question (named in the A column of the current sheet on that same line). It works until two entries have the SAME DATE, then as you can see in the example data, it doesn't work (current.F9 should show as Joshua).

council record.ods

I am so lost in this formula, your help is deeply appreciated.

Thanks, Joshua

2015-10-24 01:16:58 +0200 commented answer So close to DMAX solution...

So we've been really using that sheet, and have found a bug in the F column, which happens when two entries on the advocacy log tab have the same date (which happens frequently), as shown in the file I am editing the question to add. I can barely understand that brilliant formula you built and hoped you could chime in with a fix for this bug, please. :)

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2015-07-31 15:57:32 +0200 commented answer So close to DMAX solution...

You are absolutely fantastic. It works! I've been beating my head against this wall for ages, and you've completely solved it. I can't thank you enough!

2015-07-31 06:17:12 +0200 commented question So close to DMAX solution...

= IF ( $A5 <> "", MATCH ( IF ( AND ( 'advocacy log'.$B$3:$B$1003 = $A5, 'advocacy log'.$A$3:$A$1003 = $E5 ), $A$1003:$B$1003 ), 'advocacy log'.$C$3:$C$1003 ) , "" )

get's #N/A... good approach?

2015-07-31 01:49:50 +0200 commented answer So close to DMAX solution...

What if I need to pull another piece of data out of the log? I need to pull another column out of the log, on that same row as the last date, while still matching the name. Even now having the date in question and the name I can't figure out how to have two criteria in the search. DMAX could do it, but only if we could dynamically generate the array, so I'm back to the same problem! If we could return the row in question, I could use offset. Any insight?

2015-07-31 01:07:36 +0200 commented answer So close to DMAX solution...

Okay, that is absolutely brilliant. It works perfectly. I don't completely understand it, but I've managed to implement it. Not only did you solve the question I asked, but you solved a problem I hadn't even thought to try and solve, that of creating the "current" list of who is actually here, which I thought fine to maintain manually. Fantastically done, man! I'm working on adapting it to the rest of the sheet now! Thank you!

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2015-07-31 00:22:06 +0200 commented answer So close to DMAX solution...

That is very interesting, and I think it solves my problem... I am still working on understanding this solution...

2015-07-30 19:12:31 +0200 commented question So close to DMAX solution...

Interestingly, I have determined that the cleanest solution, which doesn't work in Calc, DOES work in google sheets! It accepts A3 instead of "Joshua" in the {} syntax, generating the array dynamically and functioning perfectly.

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2015-07-28 21:00:34 +0200 commented answer So close to DMAX solution...

Sorry, I still don't get it. Do I use the review_log as the data set for the pivot table? How does that interact with the function that pulls the data from the log?

2015-07-28 20:56:33 +0200 commented answer So close to DMAX solution...

So, I did try that (making the array A1:A2) and it does work... however it works ONLY for the first name. There will be a whole list of names which need to pull data from the log, and so it needs to work for all of them....

The other solution (Pivottable)... Hmm... a little confused, but trying...

2015-07-28 20:54:18 +0200 commented answer So close to DMAX solution...

It's true that a database would be better... however the rate at which this will grow is very slowly... maybe one or two lines per month, so I figure this will work for a damn long time, neh? (that is, if I can figure out this formula!)

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2015-07-28 18:21:10 +0200 asked a question So close to DMAX solution...

Okay, so I'm on LibreOffice Calc in English...

I've got one very simple sheet that is to be a 'review_log'... with two columns and data entered...

Date          | Who
4/12/13    |   Joshua
4/12/14    |   Joshua
4/12/15    |   Joshua
3/2/15      |   James

Etcetera, with names and dates entered forever and the list getting longer.

On another sheet, I enter in the first column just the name, in the test case, Joshua... and I need to get the date of the LAST (chronologically) entry for that name. The closest I've come uses DMAX...

A                    B
1  | Who           |   Last Review
2  |  Joshua       |   =DMAX('review_log'.$A$2:$B$1003,"Date",{"Who";"Joshua"}

Now right now, this DMAX works! However, the name "Joshua" is hard coded into it. I need this function to work dynamically so that "Joshua" in the criteria array is replaced with the value of A2... I have tried simply putting A2 there, "A2", =A2, "=A2", using the cell function... and I can't get anything to work!

Anyone have any ideas? :) Thank you all so much!


Thanks to a brilliant function by pierre-yves samyn, I am so so close to having this document fully functional! The problem is I need to pull another piece of data out along with the date! Here is the actual spreadsheet I'm stuck on for clarity. It's the first sheet ("current"), column F is all that's left, with the solutions for C and E already found!

council record.ods

This forum is amazing! Thank you all, I had nearly given up hope this was possible! --Joshua


So in using this sheet we've found a bug, which happens when two entries on the advocacy log page have the same date. As shown in this file, the F9 cell on the 'current' tab should read Joshua, based on the entries in the 'advocacy log' tab. I would really appreciate any solutions you can come up with, I'm at a loss.

council record.ods