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2015-09-30 15:24:08 +0200 answered a question how to make a video avi or mp4 with transitions of libreoffice impress

Maybe it is Kazam on Debian Linux or Ubuntu Linux.

It is ScreenToGif on Windows. (codeplex dot com)

Screen capture the presentation. This is the workaround.

2015-09-30 15:24:03 +0200 answered a question Is it possible to configure LibreOffice Draw so that Copy->Paste does not place the pasted graphic exactly on top of the previously copied one?

A workaround:

Hold down the control key and drag.

2015-09-30 15:14:21 +0200 answered a question libreoffice 5.0.x caption not appear/display

I guess, you could replace the sensitive information in your document with meaningless characters and submit a sample for the others to see and help.