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2019-07-17 20:25:08 +0200 asked a question big table in Base slow, which Java? (Linux Mint)

big table in Base slow, which Java? (Linux Mint) I've imported an .csv into Base with 4193 rows & 80 columns. When i

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2017-02-25 12:55:10 +0200 asked a question A way to export only parts of a document

Every week i've to make a document for several people. They don't need all information in the document, but a part. The export is halfway in the proces. Let's say, A has to be exported and B ignored. The structure is like:

  • content part A
  • content part A
  • content part B
  • content part A
  • content part B
  • content part A
  • content part A
  • content part A
  • content part B


Now, i copy the whole content, remove all the content beloning to part B. But is there a way to do this quicker? Like, only export a particular style? Or ignore lines starting with ; etc etc ?

2017-02-20 12:21:14 +0200 commented answer Where's the next/previous-page button for custom toolbar?

Not the same effect here.

2017-02-20 10:58:59 +0200 asked a question Where's the next/previous-page button for custom toolbar?

Under Navigation (F5) > Page there's a function for going to the next or previous page. See screenshot. This option is different than PageDown and -Up and works better.

How can i get this function on my toolbar? I can't find it in the customisation menu for toolbars.

image description

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2016-10-17 13:50:14 +0200 asked a question Regular Expressions not working as expecting: remove a line

When doing a Search&Replace with regular expressions, the following search removes a complete blank line (=only an enter)


I've to Search&Replace often text like 'label foobar: #N/A'. Therefore, i use


This expression removes the unwanted text, but doesnt remove the line.

And my question is, why not?

In the first case, the preview highligts the whole line. With the second code, only 'till the enter-mark

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2016-09-07 11:28:06 +0200 asked a question Better name handling in template manager

Storing own documents as templates is a good way too work fast for re-occuring office-tasks.

However, the presentation of the names is not always clear or good enough. Yes, the template manager shows thumbnails, but this is the first page. What when the first page is the same? And long names are trimmed to a certain amount of characters.

With a lot of similar looking templates & long filenames where the difference is in the end (like somelongname-daily, somelongname-external) it is difficult to see which one you nee


Show the whole Title OR add a field where you can enter a description and shown this field when it's filled (in this way, title stays as it is, but 'field description' or something like this is used when filled.

2016-07-20 20:40:50 +0200 commented answer [base SQL] concatenate with empty fields?

For some strange reason i can't get it to work. Must try your edit. Tnx so far!

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2016-07-17 16:03:57 +0200 asked a question [base SQL] concatenate with empty fields?

The following SQL-code is working, but not for entry's with empty fields. If the field 'voorvoegsel' (dutch for prefix last name) is empty, there's no result. Other entry's are shown. If i use only the title (aanhef) and first name (voornaam) every entry is shown.

How can i get results when one field is empty?

"contacten"."Aanhef" ||' '|| "contacten"."Voornaam" ||' '|| "contacten"."Voorvoegsel" ||' '|| "contacten"."Achternaam" 
FROM "contacten" 
ORDER BY "contacten"."Voornaam" ASC
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2016-06-17 17:45:48 +0200 asked a question Filter text (email) before @

I've to comparise 2 columns of email-addresses with different domains (the top-level, like and

have the same text before the @.

should give an error. How can i filter only the text before the @, when the length is different. =left isn't working on this.

2015-10-14 15:38:39 +0200 commented answer Libreoffice 5 keyboard lag

@LibreOfficeUser15923 what's the link to the bug report?

Same problem here on (Win7). Especially AutoHotKey scripts are now broken, because off the lag ..