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2015-10-12 10:55:31 +0100 commented answer Some (one?) greek sign(s) missing in LibreOffice

Yes- fully correct: E.G. the "B" always tries to access a menu under LO. In the menu Alex described there is a nu and mu as correct greek signs. They are there in the left column as :mu: and :nu: .

I am completely confused... :-( The clipboard copies bitmaps - or am I wrong? I only want to write a simple mathematical formula with mu - the friction coefficient.

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Thank you! AltGr+M - the most important thing - works. And this also in math mode. OK-I see: It's also printed on my IBM-keyboard. But this trick does not work for %nu. I am not familiar with different fontsets. Nevertheless- I did not understand where the problem is and why it does not work on a simple German WIN7-system. And as I remember mu and nu is also missing on my Linux-Laptop. (Suse 13.2 64). I'll check it out.

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2015-10-07 11:21:53 +0100 commented answer math extension window on left vanished

"Ticklish" is something between complicated and tricky? The point is: When I open math mode on my linux pc there is at the left and at the bottom the window. And there is a slider where the window can be closed/opened. on´my win-pc at the left there's no slider.

I re-installed(!) LO - no effect. The standard behavior is the left window in math mode.

Maybe it's a corrupt profile. Because also %mu does NOT appear in math mode. %alpha, %beta...%omega works. But not %mu and %nu.

2015-10-07 11:20:03 +0100 answered a question Some (one?) greek sign(s) missing in LibreOffice

yes- for shure. I am an old LaTeX man: In LaTeX I would say: $ \mu $ does not work.

Every letter (OK - I did not try each letter) works, but not %mu and %nu. Why?

OK-in another thread I ask where this window on the left is. In one of my Libreoffice Versions it vanished. I tried reinstallation of the newest LO. No way... :-(


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2015-10-05 17:48:08 +0100 commented answer math extension window on left vanished

I don't get it docked. When one writes a formula (s)he can open a menu with all relevant symbols with View->Elements. This opens a separate window. (now).

Original setting of this math-symbol window is docked at the left of LO window. This is what I want. Everybody has it at this position. But not me.

Update: This seems to be a BUG. I cross-checked it with a linux Version. When I open here the View->Elements window appears at the left a slider. But NOT in this LO Version.


2015-10-05 17:32:29 +0100 asked a question Some (one?) greek sign(s) missing in LibreOffice


I get crazy: I tried to make a greek "mue" (Physical sign for friction coeff.). No way. I tried mu, %mu, %micro, etc. In fact: %alpha works well and provides a correct greek alpha sign.

And then I searched examples: Here I found it: It's written %mu.
But also in examples I get a "%mu" and NOT the greek sign.

I tried this in LO Impress, but it's the same in LO Writer. I checked it.

And what is not funny: In the examples this is the only sign which does not work. Again an obvious bug?

Hermann Win 7 home 64.

2015-09-28 17:13:24 +0100 answered a question Message: "selected JRE is defective"

Sorry: I think this can't be the solution: Becse I am owner of 2 PC's with 64 bit and the same LO Version (now and the same Win Home - and on one PC it works and on the other I get the message: LibreOffice erfordert eine Java-Laufzeitumgebung (JRE), um diese Aufgabe auszuführen. Die ausgewählte JRE ist defekt. Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Version aus oder installieren Sie eine neue JRE und wählen Sie diese im Menü unter Extras - Optionen... - LibreOffice - Erweitert aus. (Translation: LibreOffice requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to perform this task. The selected JRE is defective. Please select another version or install a new JRE and select it in the menu under Tools - Options ... - LibreOffice - Advanced.) .

Java is found at: c:\program files\java\jre_1.8.0_60. As I remember correctly it worked on LO 4.xxxx.

2015-09-28 17:13:19 +0100 asked a question math extension window on left vanished

Hallo! I am running Libreoffice and I write math formulas often. To write math there opens an additional window at the bottom and at the left. In the left window there are all signs etc. accessible. But once it vanished and I am not able to dock it. It's only possible to have a separate Window "Elemente" (I assume "Elements") but I am not able to dock it. This simple stuff :-( Thank you for help...