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2015-10-05 17:41:59 +0200 asked a question using template in Ver five 'saved as' *.doc leaves variable date field active.

Saving as 'read only' does not deactivate the field. In previous version, field was deactivated. When I send an invoice, using a template, I want the date to be auto-entered but after the invoice is completed, I want all variable fields to be deactivated.

Saving as *.odt as 'read-only' does deactivate the field. However, I need to be able to use *.doc as my default -- since nearly all others use WORD.

It would be wonderful if I could simply save to a document format from a template, with or without 'read-only' set, and have all variable fields deactivated by default.

BTW, if certain tags are 'required', it would be helpful to know that AHEAD OF TIME.