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2015-10-22 12:06:19 +0100 asked a question export info contained in Manage Names dialog

In Calc, a cell can be given a custom name. For example B3 can be named "food". Once it's been named, formulas in other cells can reference it by either B3 or by food.

While I can switch the view to show the formulas, and print the spreadsheet as formulas instead of values, I haven't been able to find a way to show or print the spreadsheets as names instead of values or formulas.

The closest I've been is the Manage Names window (which is not resizeable). The Manage Names window has a list of all the user-defined names along with their definition (and scope).

Is there a way to display or print the list of names and their definitions? For example, export the contents of the Manage Names window?

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how long until I my posts will bypass moderation?

2015-10-20 15:57:32 +0100 answered a question display and print customized names of cells

It took a long time for moderation, so I am bumping it.

2015-10-19 18:10:30 +0100 asked a question display and print customized names of cells

Suppose I have:

  • a range of cells named X_i

  • a cell named n that contains the formula =count(X_i)

  • a cell named sumX that contains the formula =sum(X_i)

  • a cell named meanX that contains the formula =sumX/n

If I display/print the formulas, the definitions are not apparent for X_i, sumX, and n.

How can one display/print the spreadsheet showing the names of the cells, instead of their values or formulas?

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so how long does the moderation process take for a first time poster? my Q is 15 hours old and still has not been approved.