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2012-09-14 12:28:12 +0200 answered a question Need Build-in Function about "FIND()" and "SEARCH()"

I use FIND() ...

=LEFT(A1, FIND(" / ", A1))

I've just used this function to create a clipped version of a description, truncating the text to the first ' / '.

2012-09-14 12:19:46 +0200 asked a question How do I open a file with a .tsv extension as a .csv file on a Mac using OpenOffice Calc.


I'm new to using a Mac (no choice). The files are generated from an automated system (several hundred a day and have a .tsv extension (can't change it for every file). The files are UTF-8 encoded text files with TAB separated content.

I need to be able to double click the file and have it open in Libre Office Calc. Even if it has to ask me to choose the delimiter to process it with.

I've no idea if this is possible. On Windows, I'd associate .tsv with Excel and all would be "just done".

I can't even find Calc for LibreOffice, only the in my Applications directory - again, this may be me - I'm VERY VERY new to Mac and the differences are sometimes confounding.

If I try to open Libre Office first and then open a Spreadsheet file, the open file dialogue doesn't allow me to pick the .tsv files. They are all greyed out.

Really stuck. Renaming the files first, editing the content as I need, and then reversing the rename takes forever on a mac - OK I know this bit is me, I'm so used to doing everything from the keyboard and having to constantly go to the mouse to do things just beeps me off a bit.

If I get Finder to open .tsv files all the time, they open in the word processor part.

Any useful suggestions would be brilliant!

Thank you.