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2017-09-06 21:14:39 +0200 answered a question Stuck in 'Landscape' but I chose 'Portrait'. HELP

Thanks to Lupp for detailed advice. But I am still having the same problem. I am running LibreOffice on a MacB

2017-09-03 02:18:34 +0200 answered a question LibreOffice 5 for mac will only print landscape. Please help.

This problem has returned. LO, OS X 10.12.6 the work-around, to Export as PDF before printing, does work. But

2016-02-18 14:53:32 +0200 asked a question when I load a PowerPoint file in LO the slides do not render properly

Text boxes go outside slide margins. How to fix? Even if I create a PDF I do not get original PPT rendering but rather the incorrect one from LO. This makes Impress useless.

Running OSX 10.11.3, MacBook Air mid-2011.

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2016-02-04 13:51:59 +0200 answered a question Comments don't print in margin

Same problem. Version: Build ID: 2b9802c1994aa0b7dc6079e128979269cf95bc78

Perhaps the comment text is white?? It is black on Writer screen and I haven't found a way to change the font colors in the comments.

2016-02-04 13:51:24 +0200 asked a question I have a document in which hyperlinked text does not show or print. Can I send it and see what I am doing wrong?

I am working on a multi-authored document, in which the editor is working in MS Word. There are some citations that are hyper-linked to the bibliography. The citation does not show in LO Writer, although the Find function will still find the citation (as well as the reference in the bibliography). If there is a way for me to send a PDF (showing the text) and the LO Writer file (where the text does not show), I am glad to do so.

HELP: I cannot upload documents because I do not seem to have enough points.

2016-01-18 14:35:22 +0200 asked a question question: can I navigate using line numbers in Writer?

I co-author documents with line numbers. Navigate does not seem to offer capability to move cursor to a given line number.

I am using a MacBook Air (2011) running OSX El Capitan; LibreOffice v.