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Understood. I'll add the tag 'feature-request'

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2018-04-16 17:05:09 +0200 asked a question libreoffice --convert-to xlsx "sheet name"

libreoffice --convert-to xlsx "sheet name" Hi, I do not see in the manual if it is possible to specify the "sheet name"

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2015-12-14 14:30:23 +0200 asked a question R integration

R integration would allow the user to include R code in their Writer document in the same way as one can do today with the '.Rmd' format (R+markdown)and the knitr tool or '.Snw' format (LaTeX + R) and the Sweave tool. The R code could be placed in a similar way inside a 'chunk' as in the aforementioned tools. When you run the chunk you get the figure or table. You can re run the chunk when you want to update the figure or table.

2015-12-14 14:30:17 +0200 asked a question markdown mode

A basic markdown mode for LibreOffice writer would facilitate the use of markdown among users that do not understand markdown. If I want to ask for input to a markdown document today I cannot send it to users that do not work in text. If they could open it in LibreOffice then they could edit and send it back without feeling like they are out of their normal workflow. It would be nice to pick a markdown flavor like the one used in Pandoc or github

2015-12-14 14:30:14 +0200 asked a question git version control in LibreOffice

Use libgit2 in LibreOffice.

  • When you enable version control on your document then the document becomes a git repository and every save is a commit.
  • When you get someone else's changes to the document you 'fetch' and 'merge' their new commits. The other party could do the same by merging your commits in their clone.
  • Because it is a git repository it could be linked to a github repository (or local server) that people can collaborate on but also work offline when they need to.
  • Track changes is a view of 'git blame' and the version history in a plot of the repository tree.

Why re-invent version control when 'libgit2' gives you an api you can bundle with you software?