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2016-01-11 11:58:44 +0200 asked a question Coverting Fomula so compatible with calc


Sorry if I'm being stupid here but I am trying to open my spreadsheet that i use on my mac but for the life of me cannot get to work in libre office. There are 3 calculations that are returning errors in my spreadsheet. If somebody could tell me how to covert these that would be great.

The formulas are:


=ROUND(IF(O85>0,IF(M85="Y",AW85(1-O85),IF(AW85>R85,R85 + (AW85 - R85)(1-O85),AW85)),AW85),ROUNDING)


Thanks very much Kev

2016-01-11 11:56:44 +0200 asked a question Converting Excel formula to LibreOffice

Hello people!

Sorry if this is a totally ridiculous question but I am new to Libre office and i am trying to open a spreadsheet that I have used on my mac and also on a windows pc but cant seem to get the function to work in libre office. I have included the function below if somebody could tell me how to fix it that would be amazing.

=ROUND(IF(O16>0,IF(M16="Y",AW16(1-O16),IF(AW16>R16,R16 + (AW16 - R16)(1-O16),AW16)),AW16),ROUNDING)

Kind regards Noob kev!