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2016-01-27 12:02:54 +0200 asked a question is there a way to preview a libre doc or spreadsheet in the windows explorer preview pane?

sorry if this has been answered. in windows explorer, with the preview pane open, if I click on a .odt or .ods file to highlight without opening, it doesnt give me a preview.

i have libreoffice, and openoffice 3.2.1 installed and its running on Win7

if i create a .odt or .ods file with openoffice (I named the file oo.odt), there is a preview. if i open it with libreoffice and then save it (renaming the file to lo.odt, but without making any changes to the document), there is no preview. if I then open lo.odt with openoffice and save it (again renaming the file, this time to oo2.odt, but without making any changes) the document will now preview.

the file extension (.odt and .ods) has not changed but somehow the preview handler knows when one file is saved by libreoffice or if its saved by openoffice. is there a way to set windows explorer to use the openoffice preview handler in both situations?