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2018-11-01 18:31:55 +0200 commented answer menu fonts to small in libreoffice 6

Excellent answer! Worked for me, same in Lubuntu. Strange that it does not come installed that way in 18.04,

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2016-03-03 09:43:25 +0200 answered a question Problem with outline numbering in Writer on headings imported from Word

Thanks for the answers above & below my post, I was trying for hours to get the section numbering to work after starting to update a document created in Word. Strange thing was that it was ok to begin with. In the end, I used the find & replace method below but changed all my headings to text, then created the heading formats using the tools -> outline numbering and re-applied the headings. Maybe I could have done it in a more slick find & replace way, but belt & braces seems to be so far so good.