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2016-08-10 21:52:39 +0100 asked a question How do I restore missing scrollbar arrows?

Since upgrading to Fedora 24, my calc spreadsheets do not have the arrows at either end of the horizontal and vertical scrollbars. They were also missing in Fedora 23, but I found a hack on the web modifying the gtk-2.0/gtkrc file. My current LO version is I found a previous question on Ask LO: "How do I enable scrollbar arrows in LO under Linux", but that question went unanswered. A comment to that question indicated that LO was in transition to gtk-3.0, and that may be the reason why no answers were provided. Version is apparently using gtk-3.0, but the only fix I could find on the web involved enabling the arrows via a .config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css file; this had no effect. I have tried changing the theme from Adwaita to other themes (which appear to have scrollbar arrows enabled) but this also has no effect.

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2016-03-05 16:30:55 +0100 asked a question Is the "Fresh" Download Supposed to be Bleeding Edge?

Having used LibreOffice on Linux for quite some time, I recently tried to install it on my Windows 7 system. Finding the site, I was directed to download the "Fresh" version (although at that time I was unaware of any other version). Upon installation, I was amazed to find that version (5.1.0) unusable. The side panel did not appear, only a blank screen. The menu was invisible, but usable: hovering over where the "File" menu was supposed to be exposed the expected options. Clicking on "New" and "Spreadsheet" resulted only in a blank colored screen. I can't believe that this happens with every user, but the only things different about my installation were an AMD processor and the fact that I chose to install it to D:Program Files.

By Googling, I found out about the "Still" version (5.0.5). That version installed and has worked perfectly so far. Thus, the problem appears only with the "Fresh" (5.1.0) version.