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Sorry that I wasn't clear. I tried to edit but don't find how. Here's an example of what I'd like. I have a table with the first 2 columns. I want to make a query that will add the third one w/ cumulative amounts. |Grade | Number of Students | Cumulative Number of Students | |1st Grade | 5 | 5 | |2nd Grade | 7 | 12 | |3rd Grade | 6 | 18 | |4th Grade | 5 | 23 |

2016-07-27 20:01:57 +0200 asked a question BASE - Column in query as cumulative value

I am lacking in SQL programming knowledge and would like to know how to generate a query which adds up the values of the previous rows. For example the first column would be something like grade school levels from 1st grade to 6th grade. The second column is number of students enrolled in that grade. These two columns are in a table. The third column which is the one I'm having trouble with is how many students in 1st grade, followed in the next row by how many students enrolled in 1st and 2nd grade, the third row adds all students from 1st to 3rd grade, etc. I want to generate a query that has all three of these columns. Any help will be appreciated.

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I might have used a slightly different version of the statement. I wrote CASE "Confirmed" WHEN 'TRUE' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END "ConfirmedInt". I then did a SUM of all ConfirmedInt in the report itself. In any case the use of the CASE statement did it. thanks!

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Hi Ratslinger, thank you for your answer, that gave me a clue where to look and I used it to narrow down the error area and to fix the field definition in the table. I selectively left some field blanks to find out which one caused the error. It was a [NUMERIC] field that was causing the problem. I replaced with a [REAL] number in the table and that did it! Don't know what the difference is between these well enough to tell which one will work or not but replacing the type of number handled.

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2016-06-01 07:11:13 +0200 asked a question java.lang.NumberFormatException in Base form

I made a form in Base that has a subform which requires input of a date field and a number. I defined the fields for the subform table as a [DATE] field and as a [NUMERIC] field. I can add data directly to the table and it is displayed OK in the form but when I try to save a new record in the form I get this error message "java.lang.NumberFormatException" It must have something to do with the numeric fields. It must be simple to fix, but I haven't found a solution yet. Any help appreciated!

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Thank you. I used the CASE statement and then added the number of confirms and attendees in the report. One needs to write "Confirmed" and "Attended" between CASE and WHEN, correct?

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2016-04-03 07:17:27 +0200 asked a question Counting Confirms and Attendees in Query to Display in Report

I want to make a report for event attendance based on how many confirms and attendees were obtained by a caller. I made a query where the first column is Name of Caller, the second is Event Name, the third is Attendee Name and fourth and fifth are boolean variables for Confirmed to Attend and Attended. I can run a query using the count function and that gives me only a total number of either confirms or attendees for each caller but not both totals for each caller.

I could solve this if there was a function in the report builder counting the number of TRUEs but I haven't found one that does this. I could also solve this by replacing the TRUE/FALSE value to a 1 or 0 integer value in the query I made by running another query on this first one as a subquery.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do either of the above?

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No problem and I'll look into macros to learn how to use them. I'm fairly new in all this.

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2016-03-22 03:18:32 +0200 answered a question Standalone form appears blank Base

I found an answer to the question. I've been watching TheFrugalComputerGuy's videos to learn about databases in LibreOffice Base. LibreOffice Base (61) Standalone Forms on YouTube walks you through the procedure to create standalone forms for data input and editing. The video's URL is:

I recommend this video series to anyone leaning LibreOffice Base. They walk you through all aspects of designing relational databases.

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2016-03-16 17:56:52 +0200 asked a question Standalone form appears blank Base

I created a standalone form by saving it as an .odt file. I made sure the database is registered but when I open the standalone form it opens with no data as if in edit mode. I want to use this form for data editing and entry so I need to get it working that way. Any suggestions?