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2016-03-22 05:39:46 +0100 commented answer Libreoffice 4 and 5 are slow to load

After me trying out with the network settings, it looks like Libre is searching for the Printer when starting. Whenver the PC which had the printer is switched off and is connected to that network, Libre is becoming too slow to open a file. IF you disconnect from the network, it opens the file immediately or with the network connected, the PC where the printer is connected should be on.

2016-03-19 04:09:31 +0100 answered a question Libreoffice 4 and 5 are slow to load

I started using Libre office 4 calc on windows 10 and became terribly slow when loading a document having 12 sheets, but not much data in each sheet, may be 100 rows each. Then I upgraded to 5, but still too slow, it was taking 15 minutes or more to open the spread sheet. Just now I happened to see this link and tried disconnecting the network and tried to open as the first post above, and it opened the same spread sheet instantly. Puzzled, may be there is some url or something in some pages which it is trying to verify from the net? but still it should not take 15 minutes or more to open. Philip