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This is SB again. I have found that Movie Player works best with *.avi files. There are no hiccups; at the end of the clip, it just goes back to the first frame and stops; and there are no annoying messages about subtitles. Difference: use double click to activate and space bar to pause.

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How to play movies in Impress as Hyperlinked Files

  1. Be sure your files are setup so the default movie player is the one you want to play the clip in Impress. Right click on the video and check out the properties. Pick the movie player to play the clip that works best for you (I use SMPlayer).

  2. Put a blank screen as one of the slides (or one with only a title at the top) and use Insert/Hyperlink/and then browse around and choose your file. This will insert the link on your screen as text. When you come to the slide with the hyperlink, click it only once. The video clip will open on its own. It will have a bit of a blip on start up and display some annoying information about subtitles but otherwise, it should play fine.

  3. Be sure to set up the slide show defaults to change slides manually. This gives you control.

  4. If you use SMPlayer, be sure to set the defaults so it displays the videos as full screen and then stops the application when the clip is finished playing (for this, use the screwdriver icon in this particular program). If you don’t do this, you may be bumped out of slide show mode when you close the clip and go back to normal mode. This is a major hassle, requiring you to go back again to slide show mode to move on with the presentation.

  5. Once your player (at least this one) is in full screen mode and playing the video, if you put your cursor at the bottom of the screen, control buttons will come up. You can pause the video and start it again as you like. But do not push the stop button unless you want to leave the video! This will boot you out of slide show instantly. It’s easier, of course, if you just let the program close naturally on its own.

  6. When you advance between traditional slides with deliberate clicks of the mouse, the space bar, the directional arrows, etc., you will be fine. But notice that you will see an arrow for the cursor when you click the slides. When you activate the hyperlink, however, you will notice that the cursor has changed to a finger on a hand. Don’t click this, or you will play the video all over again ...