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2017-08-31 21:00:36 +0100 asked a question How to link to LibreOffice

How to link to LibreOffice Hello, I'd love to find a way to link my 50GB of cloud storage to save and load my do

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2016-11-03 20:54:12 +0100 asked a question Custom Icon Design Issues

So one day I decided to combine the Sifr icons with Tango because I didn't like how the launcher of the program looked all black and white with the icons so I decided to merge both Sifr and Tango icon packs to create what I wanted and I noticed three things.

1. I would no longer get automatic updates

2. I would have to recreate this custom icon theme every time I installed an update

3. Not all icons are showing up and Breeze replaces some random icons for no reason.

Is there any way I could force all Sifr icons to be present without affecting the Tango icons I want and to make sure that this custom icon design pack is always present in updates? I tried to change the name of the icon pack but i ran into some very weird issues so I had to just overwrite the Sifr icon pack.

Here are some screenshots of my issues and the current designs:

Splash screen: Document page: Icon Issues:

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2016-06-09 21:51:03 +0100 asked a question Missing Setting in Settings

Hi, I just installed LibreOffice on my computer and I noticed that it was missing a setting that my other computer had.

On settings there is a section called "Language Settings" and there are supposed to be three sub-sections which are:

Language, Writing Aids, and English Sentence Checking

My newer computer only displays the first two, and the third one is very important to me because it provides extra corrections to my documents that I find very useful.

Is there a way to get it to show up on my newer computer or am I out of luck?