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2012-11-15 16:36:43 +0200 answered a question When we'll finally see a new UI?

I too believe that a major effort to redesign the UI is anxiously expected and will be welcome all over the world. Just set a funding target, and publicly ask for donations (e.g. using:

You will be amazed by the size of donations. See for example:

From all input I can get (by many Windows- and Linux-oriented geeks) UI is the most needed part of LO. The need for it has been hugely underestimated.

I agree you should act on it asap.

You could in parallel find some UI experts (in UI design & implementation) to propose design ideas and publish them for the users to vote on the UI design proposals.

Also set very specific hallmarks. No more than 6 months for alpha, 9 mo for beta, a year for final release.

Ideally the UI should be theme-based and modifiable (by experts, of course).

Why such simple actiion were not pushed forward yet?

I cannot accept that The Document Foundation is incapable to prepare and coordinate the UI upgrade project. It must be seen not as a difficult assignment, but rather as an opportunity: to refresh LO, provide momentum, increase user/organization adoption and interest, integrate features in an easily-accessible way, etc.