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2016-07-03 06:29:14 +0200 answered a question LibreOffice not autosaving documents

LibreOffice doesn't have a functioning Autosave, even though it appears it does if you use the program. See this thread: But they aren't even up front with users about this.

2016-07-03 06:26:54 +0200 commented question WHY NOT AUTOSAVE ?

Only the 3rd answer here is worth reading, because it explains there is no autosave. LibreOffice has wasted hours of users time by giving the run-around in forums on this.

2016-07-03 06:25:49 +0200 commented answer WHY NOT AUTOSAVE ?

They cancelled Autosave? How utterly ridiculous. They couldn't make something basic function so they decided to forget about it. Meanwhile, people like me and the many who have posted questions have been getting the run-around when we try to find our saved files, such as right here: the 3rd response is the only one to mention there isn't an Autosave feature that works. I will find another product to use. I used to like LibreOffice, but I've now lost hours of work because there isn't an Autosave.