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2016-07-06 14:24:27 +0200 asked a question Changing default subscript position?

Is there a way to change the default subscript position?

According to Format -> Character -> Position, the default is to lower the subscript by 33% of the line height. The problem is, with single line spacing, this causes additional line space to be added, ruining the flow of a paragraph. I have found that by changing the position of the subscript to 10% of the line height, the line spacing is preserved. I cannot however, find a way to make 10% the default for all subscripts, so every time I use a subscript, I am forced to change the position manually. There must be a default setting somewhere that I'm just not finding.

I looked in the style defintions, and could not find any settings for character position, so I am at a bit of a loss of where to look. This is in Impress, but I'm guessing it's common to the whole suite.

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2016-07-06 14:19:33 +0200 commented answer Preventing text boxes changing apparent size on linux?

Hmm, I actually tried using Carlito from the infinality bundle of fonts (on Arch), but that caused the same problem. I installed on Windows and Linux, and switched all my fonts, but it still persisted. Perhaps because of its "metric equivalence"? Regardless, switching fonts to something else works well enough for me. I'll accept your answer :)

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2016-07-05 16:02:22 +0200 answered a question Preventing text boxes changing apparent size on linux?

This appears to be an issue with the "Calibri" font. Switching to an open font like "Lato" removes the problem.

I am not sure why switching to Arial last night didn't work, but it did when I tried this morning.

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2016-07-05 06:09:02 +0200 asked a question Preventing text boxes changing apparent size on linux?

I am working on a presentation using LO on WIndows 8.1. I will giving this presentation on my laptop, which runs Arch Linux, with LO

Everything works fine between the two, except for some reason, there are extra lines that appear at the bottom of my text boxes when I open the file on my Linux machine, which messes up the formatting. They are not actual line breaks, but more like just extra space at the bottom of the box. Oddly, the box sizes (in inches) are identical in both files, perhaps pointing to a font rendering problem? The file also looks normal when viewing through a Windows 7 VM on the laptop, so it's definitely a Linux problem. The following images illustrate the problem.

(I apologize, but I do not have enough karma to upload images, so links to imgur will have to do)

On Windows (normal):

On Linux (problem):

I also tried switching the font to Arial (instead of Calibri, as it is now), and it did not make a difference.

Any ideas why this might be happening, or how to prevent/fix it?

Edit: Example .odp file showing the problem is here: