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2013-12-03 10:54:11 +0200 asked a question I can't login to ask libre office with my google account

I see that I can't login to ask libre office with my google account, nothing happens when I click on the link. The same happens with the other options also. I was forced to restore my account by email just to get in and get some help. Why is this? Or where can I get help for this?

2013-12-03 10:50:40 +0200 asked a question Why do documents edited in LibreOffice look different in Microsoft Office?

I see that when you edit or create a file in either Libre Office or Microsoft Office, the file opened in either of them will look different like for example paragraphs, columns, spaces,and so on is not where they are supposed be in the first place when the document were created. You have to edited it again to correct the changes when opened in either of the mentioned office programs. Why is this happening. Can this be corrected? What can be done?

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2013-11-19 13:57:22 +0200 asked a question Sheet names to small in librecalc

Is it possible to make the names of sheets bigger or at least the bar area where this is or must one change the resolution of your computer to be able to read it properly? The problem is that is difficult to read it sometimes. I try to see for any way to change it, but can't find it. Please assist. I'm running libre office on a ubuntu 13.10 machine.

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2013-09-05 08:18:27 +0200 asked a question will the current libre office on ubuntu be updated?


Will the current libre office version on ubuntu be updated to the latest version of 4.1 or will the latest version update be made available for ubuntu software updater, instead of doing it the other way around?

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2013-08-06 09:50:07 +0200 asked a question Is there a pdf import extension for libre office in windows?

Hi, I tried to look for a pdf import in extension website for Libre office, but found nothing. Where can I get one that will work in most versions of Libre office for Linux and in windows?

2012-11-20 14:57:35 +0200 asked a question menu not showing in libre office linux

How do I get the menu back in libre office in ubuntu 12.10? I receive documents per email, but when opened and for some reason the menu is gone, I can't do editing or any normal editing to the document. What can I do? Please assist me in this.