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2020-09-11 10:02:40 +0200 marked best answer Calc - Copy merged cells when adding new rows

Hello Everyone,

Lets say you have a spreadsheet.

Rows 1-10 each have Columns A, B and C merged together.

Now say you want to add a new row between Row 4 and 5.

When you select Row 5 it highlights the Row 5 going from Column A, B and C.

Now when you use your trusty "Insert Rows Above" tool it creates a new row.

Problem is this new row no longer has Columns A, B and C merged together.

Does anyone know of any settings that could allow Calc to copy the merged properties of the cells selected when inserting new rows between them?

Thank You

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2020-09-11 08:25:07 +0200 marked best answer Calc - Deleting multiple rows - Selection windows goes back to single

Hello Everyone,

In Calc if you window select say 5 rows and then you use the "Insert Rows Above" tool it will add another 5 rows, keeping the selection window at 5 rows so you can repeat this function if desired.

If you try the same thing with the "Delete Rows" tool it will delete 5 rows but then the selected window of 5 rows gets delete leaving behind just one cell selected, preventing you from repeating this process again.

Probably not really a bug, I would imagine this is programmed to function this way on purpose, which does make sense, but is there any way of making this react the way I describe above?

Thank You

2020-09-11 08:22:25 +0200 marked best answer [FEATURE REQUEST] Calc - Insert or Delete cell animation indicator

Hello Everyone,

In other spreadsheet programs such as Excel, when you Insert or Delete columns or rows, there is a slight animation to show the user that the process is being performed. Granted if there is visible text on your screen below where you are adding or deleting rows, then the text moving up or down is an inidcator that something is happening, but when there isn't it may be a nice thing to have some kind of indicator letting the user know that the function is being performed?

If anyone knows of a setting for this please let me know. If not, are there any others that would desire this feature?

Thank you for all these great programs.

Thank You to anyone who reads this and has any advice to offer.

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2020-09-11 08:21:01 +0200 marked best answer [FEATURE REQUEST] Writer - Select entire row of text

Hello Everyone,

The ability to select an entire row of text in Writer with one click. For example starting in Windows 7, Wordpad received a feature where if the mouse cursor is to the right of where text begins when typing, the cursor is an arrow pointing up and to the left. If you move your cursor to the left of a row of text (in the left margin) the mouse cursor then changes to an arrow pointing up and to the right allowing you to click the left mouse button and it will highlight the entire row of text.

Not a huge deal, but would this ever be considered to be programmed into Writer. Does anyone else desire this? Note I am aware that you can triple click the mouse in the left margin to get a similar result, but the way Wordpad performs this is more desired if possible.

Thank You

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2016-12-10 04:21:17 +0200 asked a question Calc - Cut Tool makes text no longer visible and removes background color


Two questions, I see that one has probably been asked before but didn't have a great answer so I will ask them both here.

1.) In Excel when you use the CUT tool on a single or mutiple selected cells it creates a dashed box around the selection letting you know that the item has been cut, but it allows you to still see the text within that dashed box and remains visible until you actually paste it somewhere. This is a nice feature, Calc on the other hand creates shows a dashed selection rectangle but removes the text completely from being visible. Is there a setting to prevent this? or would this be something considered to be added in a future release?

2.) The next question Excel continues to do this as well as does Calc. As mentioned above when you go to CUT text from a cell that has a colored fill background, the cut tool takes that color background with it which is fine, but I would like color fill background to remain where it was as well without deleting it making it a white background. The method of solving this by COPYING the cell text and then having to go back and delete the double I feel is very foolish to have to do, creating un-neccessary work and confusion. Is there a setting or real way to solve this problem? If not something like this should probably be implented, seems odd that both Excel and Calc still have this issue, that has been brought up by many.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Does anyone know if these requests have ever been considiered?

2016-12-10 04:07:19 +0200 asked a question Calc - The ability to open multiple spreadsheets in one instance of Calc

When I first started using Excel I hated the fact that it opened up spreadsheets in one instance of itself. Now I have gotten used to that and Calc seems to do the opposite, if you open up more than one spreadsheet file it opens up multiple instances of Calc. Is there a way to have Calc open multiple spreadsheets in one instance of itself?

Thank You

2016-12-10 03:58:28 +0200 commented answer Calc - Change colors of row and column headers

Thank You for your response

2016-12-10 03:57:19 +0200 answered a question Calc - Change colors of row and column headers

I have messed around with changing my Windows themes and it does change the color of these headers. If there is no other way to change this though, it doesn't make any sense, that I would have to change my Windows theme to accomplish this. With the color being a bright vivid blue it looks nice but there is a reason why Excel just uses a no color outline and a bolding of the row # and the column letter, because if you have a spreadsheet that contains colored fills, it makes the bright blue column headers appear to be a part of the color fills. This should be something that can be customized with an option to have no color highlight of the headers. Hopefully others agree.

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2016-08-29 17:15:20 +0200 asked a question Calc - Merge Across Tool

Hello Everyone,

Excel contains a tool called "Merge Across" and I was wondering if anyone knows of something like this in Calc?

This tool allows you to select multiple columns and rows together (empty or containing data) and when you click on the tool it will just merge rows across, but keeps them all at one cell height rather than merging the entire selection into one big merged cell.

It is quite a helpful tool, hopefully there is something like this in Calc already created without the need for scripting. Not to say I have anything against it, but I am trying my best to not have to install Java. It looks like I am probably going to have to eventually install it because it seems that most of the tools I am looking for in my posts, have to be created.

If anyone knows of such a tool within Calc, please let me know. Or if it doesn't if anyone knows of some kind of script that does this, I would still be interested if anyone knows of one to share.

Thank You

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2016-08-27 21:43:46 +0200 asked a question Calc - Way to set default Border outline width thickness?

Hello Everyone,

I mentioned some ideas for border tools in another post of mine, but in the mean time, does anyone know of a way to set a default border outline thickness. So say you want to set any cells you want to add a border to, to a width of 2.00 pt. This way every time you create an outline it automatically is set to 2.00 pt. With the ability of having this setting always be set even for new spreadsheets.

Thank You

2016-08-27 21:34:50 +0200 asked a question [FEATURE REQUEST] Calc - Border Tools

Hello Everyone,

I am new to LibreOffice, so if I overlooked something I apologize. I feel the three tools provided to create borders around cells seem to function differently than I would expect them to. It seems that these tools are setup to apply their functions after the fact as oppose to right away which I will try to explain below.


1.) This drop down tool allows you to choose a color. When you do so the icon will show the color you selected, say RED. I would think this would function that any border outlines you create after the color RED is selected would end up being red. This is not the case, when you create a border it will be BLACK, you have to keep the selection of cells highlighted and then click the "Border Color" tool icon to apply the color RED. Does anyone else feel it should go by the current color selected when creating new borders?

"BORDERS (Shift To Overwrite)" and "BORDER STYLE" TOOL

1.) These two drop downs I feel should have the same two piece icon that the "Border Color" tool has, where you can select the icon itself to perform its function or you can click your mouse on the arrow part to open up the drop down menu to select a new function, which when selected changes the Icon to that function.

So you can do the same thing as I mention above with "Border Color" tool, you select the type of border in the "BORDERS" tool and the Icon will change to that selection making it current. You then do the same with the "BORDER STYLE" tool and you select from the pulldown arrow the line thickness you desire which changes its icon making it current. Then you do the same with the "BORDER COLOR" tool.

So that any borders you create will be based on the settings of those three Border dropdown tools current settings.

So if BORDER is set to outline current selection / BORDER STYLE is set to 2 pt thickness / BORDER COLOR is set to red then any borders you create will outline the selection with a 2 pt thick red border.

Hopefully some of this makes sense to someone and I didn't just waste a ton of time typing all of this for nothing. If anyone needs me to explain this better please let me know. Also if anyone else agrees or has any other ideas to share please do so.

Thanks again for a great program and to anyone who reads all of this.

2016-08-27 20:32:56 +0200 asked a question Website that shows Requested Features that are being implemented

Hello Everyone,

Probably not, but does anyone know if there is a website that shows what development team ideas as well as User Requested Features that are being worked on or are to be added in the near future? Like a way of knowing what feature requests are really being considered as opposed to ones that are on the list but the very very end of the list that will probably never be worked on.

For Example:

Opening up multiple Writer documents or Calc spreadsheets into tabs within one instance of Writer or Calc as opposed to opening up multiple windows of each.

This has been a request I have seen, is there a way to know that something like this is being considered in the near future? Just wondering if a list like this exists somewhere for the public to view?

Also is there one specific place where FEATURE REQUESTS are to be submitted to? One member mentioned "Bugzilla" is this where everyone is sending requests to?

Thank You for these great programs.

Thank You to anyone who reads this post

2016-08-27 20:09:30 +0200 commented answer [FEATURE REQUEST] Writer - Select entire row of text

Looked into Bugzilla but I am a little confused, first of all didn't realize mozilla had anything to do with Libre products, but is Bugzilla just for bugs found or is this where to request features as well? I noticed others using [FEATURE REQUEST] prefix which is why I did the same.

2016-08-27 19:07:30 +0200 commented answer Calc - Change colors of row and column headers

I am speaking of the Row and Column headers within Calc. Row Header 12345 etc. and Columns Header ABCDEF etc. Is this what you are referring to? I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with Windows OS, I will check it out. Thank You for your response