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2016-09-15 19:20:07 +0200 commented answer How do I access LO help?

Lupp, the help files aren't located in \help\en-us; that subdirectory doesn't exist. \help contains only three XSL stylesheets. As far as I can tell, the link to LO is pointing to the specified address; the file types are associated with the specific program (Writer, Calc, Base etc.). Something seems to have gone wrong with the installation of the Help Pack; what's my next step?

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Yes, I restarted LO after installing the Help; there was no difference in behavior.

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2016-09-14 23:36:12 +0200 answered a question How do I access LO help?

floris v, I downloaded and installed the help pack (as I'd done before), but it made no difference--I still got the wiki page instead of the help window. What do I do now? Note: I've alreafy run DISM and sfc while trying to fix another error; both came back clean.

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2016-09-11 14:12:03 +0200 asked a question How do I access LO help?

I just upgraded to the latest version (V 5.2.1, I believe) on my Windows 10 system. The F1 key used to open the Help window, where I could look for how to solve my problem; now, it takes me to a wiki page which has no link to the Help window. How do I get to the Help window itself?

2016-09-11 13:57:53 +0200 answered a question How do I delete a page break?

Thanks, RGB-es. I appreciate the help.

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2016-09-10 17:16:32 +0200 asked a question How do I delete a page break?

I have the latest version of LO. (I updated yesterday from the site.) I have a file page (.odt) with a heading and a table. Somehow, a page break (which does not show up when I display non-printing characters) got between my heading and my table. How do I remove it? (Before you say "check the online help," I tried, but all I get are wiki pages, not the actual help content. How do I access it as well")