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2016-09-13 17:36:42 +0200 asked a question LO Still latest version confusion

I wanted to download the latest LibreOffice Still version. The website and built in updater point to version 5.1.5 to be the latest Still version. At the bottom of download page however it says that LO is available in the following released versions: 5.1.5 5.2.0 When I click on 5.2.0 a link to installation file for this version is generated and it is not clear if this is the Still or Fresh version. So which is the latest Still version? I'm confused...

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OK, thanks! I thought they are hard set. Choice is always welcome. Tango and Oxygen styles are my favorites.

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OK, it's not exactly ribbon, I had in mind the new icon set. The old icons were graphically more appealing, colorful and clear. The new ones are more plain and schematic. Simply put, ugly.

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2016-09-12 22:04:33 +0200 asked a question new design change

Hi there, I've been using LibreOffice and decided it's time to update to the new version. I was unpleasantly surprised that the design of the new version is changed to ribbon!!!, which is exactly the reason I migrated from Microsoft to LibreOffice in the first place, and now I have it again! It seems there's no escape from ribbon! Is there any way I can keep the old design with the new versions and functionality? I absolutely don't like the ribbon design, old LibreOffice was much better. It's insane, there's no point in creating another MS Office...