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I want write a multilingual text, for example:

Hello, this is a tree Hola, esto es un árbol Bonjour, c'est un arbre (*) here is my cursor and i want write the same in german

The specific question is: How i can specify that the next on the text is in german? I know the trick that write and wait for the dictionary suggest german, but sometimes simply dont work or sugest "this word is in german / This paragraph is esperanto" and change word by word is not busines because the real text is not only 4 words So i want some like bold, or underline "activate XX language" and deactivate and back to the document language. Best Regards for everyone Christian

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2019-07-19 23:44:16 +0200 asked a question Strange autoreplace

Strange autoreplace Hi all: I am using Libreoffice on spanish. I am having a trouble when i use the writer. Ev

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2016-10-17 15:51:18 +0200 asked a question Where is print to FILE option

Hi, Of a specified document I need print ONLY the page 1 on the clasic PS style. Normally in old openoffice i go to PRINT/print as file/page1/OK

Now the option is missing, how i can do that?