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2016-10-21 11:21:33 +0200 asked a question Query changes my date formatting

Hi Everyone,

I am having a database (libreoffice 5.2 base) with a Date field. It is formatted as 31/12/2016. I then have a query where I want the date to show but with a different format. I want only the two last digits of the year.

I other words I want it to show as such...

table: 31/12/2016 -----> query: 16

I there a way to achieve that?

Many thanks.

2016-10-20 22:57:07 +0200 asked a question Can I have a field in base that is a combination of two others?

Hello everyone,

First of all allow me to say that I am very new to all this. I just started my company and took the decision to avoid getting involved with Microsoft as I feel uncomfortable and an uncertainty with the costs. So excuse if my question shows a bit of naivety.

We have an ID field in our database of expenses, as well as a year field. So when we put an new entry it takes a new ID (integer) and then a year entry. However we want to have a field which is the document (expense) Ref No. which looks something like Exp1601, where Exp is a string (expense) 01 is the ID and 16 is the year. Is there a way to have a field that is basically a concatenation of these two other fields?

Many thanks in advance for any help and for your time.