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2019-02-22 09:37:11 +0200 asked a question Toolbar Icons LO6.1.4.2

Toolbar Icons LO6.1.4.2 Is there any way to revert/change the New toolbar icons in latest version of LO? Why have they b

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2017-05-31 17:11:33 +0200 answered a question Base: When opening a table, why is the table record selector not initially visible?

I have just updated to LO5.2.7.2 on my Windows 10 PC, and am sad to report that the bug is still there as originally rep

2016-11-30 16:25:16 +0200 answered a question Windows 10 wants administrator privilege to install update. How do I do this?

Just a simple Reboot on Windows 10, and a reinstall worked for me. Very worrying though, as LO 5.2.2. was removed before error 1303 appeared, leaving me with nothing. Strikes me it is a bug, if LO is not shutting down properly and causing error!

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2016-10-31 10:12:51 +0200 asked a question Following Java update, cannot access MySql Database

I am running LO5.2.2, on a 64bit windows PC and have just update to JRE1.8.0_111. Now, whenever I open my base file, and try to see the tables (via Mysql), I get error message:

"The Connection to the data source "Mysql Bookings" could not be established. The driver class 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver' could not be loaded."

Any clues to what I need to do now?

NB I have just realised the error message came up before updating Java! Could it be related to a Windows Update?

SOLUTION: Class path to Connector J was missing After selecting correct Java Runtime Environment, (tools>options>advanced) click on Class Path, and navigate to correct connector-J 'Jar' file, select it and click ok