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2016-12-13 18:07:23 +0200 asked a question Problem with hyperlinks when Writer file saved to PDF format

I have a Writer document written as an index to numerous other PDF files and to do this I use hyperlinks of the form 'fc3\fc1985.pdf#page=182', where fc3 is the directory containing the PDF files, 'fc1985.pdf' is the PDF file I wish to load and 'page=182' is the reference to the page number at which the PDF is to be opened. ('page=182' is set as a PDF destination in the 'fc1985.pdf' file.) I save the document as a PDF file and the hyperlinks almost convert correctly but not quite - the error is in the 'page=182' part; this converts as 'page3D182' which seems as though the '=' is converted to its ASCII code. If I edit the link manually, everything works, but its a long job to go through and edit 8000 odd links. Can anyone shed any light on this problem please.