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2016-12-29 23:27:13 +0100 asked a question I dont know the password, how do I unlock Protected Cells?

I'm trying to do my first shipment to Amazon, through FBA. I'm stuck on the step of the packing list. I dont have Microsoft Excel, which is their preferred software, but my laptop came with LibreOffice. Downloading and opening the amazon pack list works through LibreOffice, but I'm supposed to put the number of each product into the column of which box the products will be shipped in. Problem is, I can't enter anything into this spreadsheet. It just says "Protected Cells can't be modified".

I've read several different ways to remove protection, "Tools/Protect Documents/ unselect anything that is selected". That requires a password which I do not know. I dont know how to reset a password if I chose one way back when I got the laptop and used this program the first time and forgot it. I dont see a way to reset the password.

Other attempts to bypass the password dont work. I heard saving the document again and making sure "password protected" is not selected. That didn't work.

Control+ Shift+ T... doesn't seem to do anything.

Anyone else run into this? Any other suggestions?